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Minnesota Stone Chimney Repair

If properly maintained┬ácan┬álast hundreds of years. The key is that–like all other elements of the exterior–they need occasional attention.

We can repair any type of stone chimney. Common varieties include limestone, chilton, granite and field stone. The most frequent repairs we perform on stone chimneys in Minnesota include tuck pointing, stone chimney flashings and chimney caps. As noted in our ‘Minnesota Chimney Flashing’ section, chimney flashings often involve more than one trade. We are quite accustomed to coordinating our masons with our roofers and our sheet metal guys to make it all come together seamlessly. After all, it’s not good to have project hiccups when performing chimney repairs in Minnesota. We all know the weather can change on a dime and when rain comes the last thing you want is an exposed chimney.


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