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Minnesota Stucco Chimney Repair

Let’s face it. Stucco is a four letter word for some people. It’s a material┬áthat stirs fear and anxiety among many Minnesota homeowners. It’s true that some stucco assemblies have very big problems. Mold (a real four letter word) has found a permanent link in the minds of many with stucco. Dealing with stucco chimneys requires a level of expertise beyond that of single trade contractors because often the best fix is to use a combination of sheet metal and concrete to repair failing stucco chimneys in Minnesota.

We have seen on many occasions how well intentioned stucco contractors have tried and failed to fix problems with stucco chimneys. Often, we recommend the use of a custom sheet metal cap on stucco chimneys, instead of a stucco cap. Here is a great example of that if you are interested. If not that approach, a poured in place concrete cap with a 2″ overhang is the answer.

Stucco chimneys often have flashing issues and those challenges involve other exterior systems, including roofing and millwork. Have we mentioned that we are a division of the most well respected roofing company in Minnesota? When we repair stucco chimneys we frequently call in the guys from either Kuhl’s Contracting or Kuhl Design Build to do the heavy lifting on the roofing or carpentry aspects of the projects. Having all of these resources under one roof means we–and you–benefit from total control and production efficiencies that other Minnesota chimney repair companies can not offer.

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